The Obligatory NAMM Post

*Another post found sitting in the drafts bin. Oopsie!*

Every year, I disappear from the internet for most of January. When most people roll back into their regular routines after the holidays, I’m already going full speed ahead preparing for the NAMM show. The NAMM show is one of the biggest trade shows for the Musical Instrument industry (I’ve blogged about it here) and it’s the largest event that we do each year. I don’t normally bring work onto this blog, but I always make an exception for NAMM since after all these years, it has become a labor of love. It’s my fifth year at the NAMM show and this year was by far the most difficult to pull off. We doubled our exhibit space which translated to twice the amount of work. I was a dummy and thought that we could manage the job as we always have, with the same # of set up days and a crew of 2-3. Oh boy was I wrong! In addition to the expanded size of the project, we had a few major hurdles thrown at us this year. Thank goodness I really truly like my work, my company, and my team…it eases the blow of throwing yourself completely into getting a job done.

When most of my day-to-day work happens online and behind a screen, it’s a nice change of pace to work with something that is tangible. Walls need to go up. Lights have to be plugged in. Graphics and product have to be hung. On the other hand, looming deadlines, messes and overall incompleteness is so much more obvious when it’s right in front of your face. The theme of the year was “just breathe” and know that in the end, it always comes together. Some how there is always just enough time and with enough resourcefulness, you can always improvise.

So 2015 me — I hope you learned a lot from this experience and next year will no doubt go smoother!


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