Mini Photoshoot



We’re so lucky to be friends with talented people like Jocelyn. When she’s behind a camera lens, she can make anything and everything look awesome and dreamy…

A few weekends ago, Jackie, Charley and I tagged along on one of Jocelyn and Ivy’s photo adventures. They are working on perfecting their night photography (and Jocelyn’s focusing on B&W) so we were going to meet at the Griffith Observatory because it was a beautiful full moon. Apparently all the couples in town had the same idea so we turned to plan B: the First Street Bridge in Downtown LA. J and I never leave our Westside bubble, not to mention after 9pm, but Ivy and Joce are slowly getting us out of our grandma habits…I’m so glad we went! All the photos in this post were taken by Jocelyn and if you like what you see here, you should definitely go check out the rest of her work here.


The photo on the left is one of my favorites — ASPCA ad anyone? Can’t you just hear Sarah McLaughlin singing in the background?


Speaking of ads…if anyone from Ruffwear is reading this, Charley would love to be one of your models. She is sporting her Webmaster harness here and always receives so many compliments! We think she looks like she’s about to jump off a plane!


The most awkward/awesome family photo and Charley’s soft schnoz. My, I love that pup.


Thanks for the impromptu photoshoot, Joce!


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