Tugging at Your Heart Strings

“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.” Roy E. Disney

Kind of a long story short…last year, I was inspired to spend some time thinking long and hard about my goals. I wrote out a list of short term, long term and really long term goals in a few categories: personal, career and health. It sounds like an easy task but when I actually started putting pen to paper, I struggled! Asking yourself, “What do you really want?” is harder than it sounds and writing those goals down made them seem even more real*. One of my short to long term goals was to identify one (or some) organization(s) that I would want to contribute to with both my time and money. Last year, I dipped my toes into this idea by starting a small monthly donation to KCRW, our local radio station. I’m not overflowing with money but I figured that it was the least I could do since I tune in daily. I want to continue supporting local programming, music and arts but the following video really inspired me to think of other organizations I might help. I promise it’s worth watching!

I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to just scoop up those kittens and put them in a warm, loving home? I’m not sure if it’s a natural reaction to shed tears to a silly lip synced video to Abba but Jackie can attest that I had tears rolling down my face by the first chorus. I couldn’t help but think “those little animals need homes!”

I should also mention that I’m not an “emotional” person who cries at everything. That said, there are a few things that really do make me tear up every time they’re mentioned…I have a feeling that might be a good indication of where my heart is. The first one already mentioned: anything about adopting animals. We now have 3 little nuggets and I can’t imagine life without them! The second: anything that has to do with gay marriages. Yup, teared up when Queen Latifah married all those couples at the Grammys and if that wasn’t enough, Madonna appeared and sang “Open Your Heart”! Everyone was so happy and in love!! Everyone deserves that. Third, anything that has to do with life-changing weight loss…ha! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Biggest Loser? Tears!

This year, I’d love to somehow contribute to one, all, or some of these causes. Jackie and I are on the path towards getting Charley certified to be a therapy dog and once that happens I think there will be a lot of volunteer opportunities for us to do together. Until we get to that point, there are a ton of really great no-kill animal shelters and adoption organizations in LA who need volunteers and funding. Some of them are NKLA, LA Love and Leashes, Angel City Pit Bulls…the list goes on! For human rights and the support of gay marriage, some of the organizations on my radar are the Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign, and the Self Evident Truths Project. I’m a little stumped about my third heart-tugger…anyone know of any awesome healthy non-profit lifestyle / food education programs?

ANYWAY…thanks for making it through this long post…hope you were inspired to think of some areas where you can give back this year, if you aren’t already.

*If you’re inspired to give this a try, I found this worksheet from Lululemon super helpful! Also remember that if you do write down your goals, it’s okay to change them later. Life isn’t static…things happen…adapt and take it all in as you grow and change. Namaste. Just kidding.


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