Day 1.

We started 2014 on a great note. Since the end of January is always a crazy time at work, there was extra pressure to spend the day off wisely. Driving up to Santa Barbara to take Charley to the beach couldn’t have been a better idea. Santa Monica is pretty strict about their no-dogs-on-the-beach rule but a few of Santa Barbara’s beaches have awesome off-leach areas and it was a good excuse for us to get out of town. Before heading out, we looked up a few dog-friendly restaurants and made sure to stop by the dog park to get some of her energy out before the long car ride.

For lunch, we chose a Vegan plant-based spot, Adama, right off State Street. Parents, don’t be alarmed – we aren’t going vegan in the new year! The holidays (and the free NYE pizza that we scored) had me feeling super heavy so I craved a nice organic veggie juice and something light. If you find yourself in SB, I highly recommend the Jackfruit tacos at Adama! Yummy and flavorful for everyone…meat-eaters, gluten-free friends and you crazy vegans. Jackie also got a “Depth Charge”, which was apparently a Chai tea latte with a shot of espresso but when you add coconut milk, it tastes like a really thick and amazing hot dark chocolate drink.

I’m getting off topic.

Arroyo Burro beach is just a few minutes away from State Street. It took Charley a little while to figure out what to do with all the sand but once she got the hang of it, she was in heaven. So far she doesn’t seem like much of a water dog but she will chase anyone who lets her (especially the tiny fuzzy dogs). She’s slowly getting the hang of fetch…

We didn’t do it on purpose but we were there long enough to catch the sunset …  the perfect ending to the first day of the year.


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