Maybe It’s Time…

Maybe it’s time to pull out the knitting needles again. I know I just posted about my latest hobby du jour (calligraphy and hand lettering) but I can’t resist that chill in the air! You know it’s knitting season when:

1. The cats are extra cuddly

2. You find yourself digging in the sock drawer for the nice thick fuzzy pair

3. You blow a fuse at work because everyone has their space heaters on

4. You keep all limbs under the covers at night.

…yup, definitely knitting season!

I’ve been hoarding some amazing skeins of Irish yarn that Jord gave me last Christmas for this very moment. I think I’ll get started on a beanie tonight!

To seal the deal, Wiksten just posted a photo of a pair of mittens that she’s been perfecting and Emmadime just shared a video of behind-the-scenes at the photoshoot for her new knitting book.

Don’t  those ladies just look the coziest? I’ll take a little bit of what they’re having.



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