The most perfect snack.

Ever since Kate from For Me, For You posted something about Ajistuke eggs (also known as Japanese marinated soft boiled eggs), I have been obsessed with always having these available in the fridge. Why have a regular hard-boiled egg when you can have one that is infused with sake, soy sauce, and mirin?! The marinated egg was always my favorite part of getting a bowl of ramen and if you have shared a bowl of noodles with me, you know that I always save the egg for last.

The best part about these eggs is that they’re SO easy to make. I like this recipe because it calls for just a 1/4 cup of sake, mirin, soy sauce and sugar (or 2 tbs. of stevia). If you’re like us, you don’t just have sake sitting around…since this recipe only calls for 1/4 cup per batch,  you can get a small bottle of sake and stretch it for at least a few batches. Once your eggs are done “bathing”, you can also save the marinade and use it for chicken later in the week! Double win.

Combine your delicious egg with a piece of toast and cottage cheese with salt and pepper, and you have the most perfect snack that’s heavy enough to fill you up with yummy flavor and protein!


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