Jackie has been petitioning for a dog for months. At first, I would catch her quietly browsing through pages upon pages of and then she started to get a little more vocal about it. Every time we would see a puppy or a dog (which was often), she would start describing how great it would be to have a little puppy friend of our own to take on hikes and around town. To me, the idea of adopting a dog right now was just as realistic as quitting my job to travel. It sounds awesome in theory, but definitely not smart. I didn’t grow up with pets and have never owned a dog so the thought of bringing another little animal into our harmonious home was (and still is) a little intimidating. Don’t get me wrong, I love most animals, but I really “get” cats. I understand their language … I know how cats receive attention and love and I can tell when they want to be left alone. Jackie convinced me to stop by NKLA, a new no-kill shelter, and I was intimidated by all of the sad dogs that were cooped up inside pens. Some of them looked so tired and hopeless and others had so much crazy energy…I had a hard time imagining them integrating into our home with Neko and Moby.

Weeks later, Jackie set up a meeting with a medium-sized 7 month old Terrier mix named Charley. She’s living with a Foster mom, getting house training and waiting to find her forever home. The second I laid eyes on her, all my fears about bringing a dog into our home faded. She is the perfect size, short haired, sweet, cuddly and friendly…her foster mom saved her from being euthanized and is putting a ton of work into her behavior. She’ll be a perfect companion for our adventures around town and a nice foot warmer for when we’re hanging out at home in the evening! Charley shares her foster family with an older cat and two older dogs and, while I told myself I wouldn’t get my hopes up, those days are long gone.

Her foster mom wants to work on her training a little more before she’s ready to be adopted out, so Jackie and I feel like we’re in adoption purgatory. It’s been 3 weeks! To help with the waiting process, we shamelessly got a head start on assembling “the nursery”. We have the crate, a crate pad, a doggie bed (that Moby already loves), a collar and leash, elevated food and water bowls (I couldn’t help myself!), and some toys on the way. We’ve been using my sister’s Amazon Prime account and with every new dog purchase, we can feel her judgement!

We installed some extra cat shelves around the apartment so that our boys would have a nice and high escape if needed and I have been reading articles on how to bring a new dog into a home with cats. The craziness peaked when I found episodes of Dog Whisperer on Netflix last night…hey, I like to be prepared!

We. Are. Ready. Now all we need is a few more things and the dog! Fingers crossed.


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