A New Hobby.

It seems like every fall, I pick up a new hobby that I can do to keep my hands busy in the evenings. I’ve dabbled in knitting, crocheting and embroidery but this year, I signed up for my first course on Skillshare.com to learn the “Art of Modern Calligraphy”. The online self-guided class is taught by Molly Jacques (who has a super impressive portfolio) and I’ve found that it’s a really relaxing way to brush up on my hand writing. Using with a calligraphy pen and ink forces you to work slowly, which helps me pay attention to each stroke. After I got the feel for the pen and the basic techniques, I started working on consistency in the sizing and “weight” of each letter and stroke. Coincidentally, It has also turned into a big exercise in training my eye to work with spacing and composition. It’s not easy!

Here are a few progress photos…

If you haven’t heard of Skillshare.com, there are a ton of really great (and affordable) classes available! They vary from web design and typography to learning how to run your own business.


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