There has been an awkward blank spot on our apartment’s longest wall for over a year. Any normal person would fill this up with prints, framed photos, or a large bookshelf (err, any normal person wouldn’t really care?)…but we were waiting for the right thing to come our way. In our last move, we sold our random assortment of furniture  that we had collected since college and started with a fresh blank slate. We wanted our new apartment to finally look like we didn’t pull everything in from the back alley (ok, maybe I saved a few things!).

I searched high and low through flea markets, Craiglist posts and catalogs but nothing stood out to me as the perfect and *key words* budget friendly piece. We knew we wanted a round mirror to help open up the room and ever since I saw this apartment I had this mirror lingering in the back of my mind. Isn’t it gorgeous? There’s something so sleek about that wooden frame. Its perfectly sloped built-in shelf for knick knacks adds a certain “je ne sais quois” qulity without trying too hard. AHH, who knew I could lust over a mirror so much?

So. Months and months pass by (49 weeks, to be exact, according to Pinterest). I’ve come up empty handed and that spot on the wall was looking particularly bleak.

Lo and behold…remember this moment?  The second I laid eyes on Ikea’s new Stockholm mirror, I knew that it was the one! It was the perfect size, not overly designed, and was exactly what I was looking for. AND it was only $100! To my despair, when I went online to find which Ikea stocked it in my area, apparently only 1 store location in Southern California had it – and there was only one in stock. When we got there last weekend, surprise surprise, inventory was off and we walked away empty handed. If you’re curious, this is the point in my story where the title of the blog post becomes relevant. When I put my mind to something, I do it. I was getting that mirror.

I called customer service three times (the first two attempts resulted in indefinite hold music) and on my third try, ended up getting a rep at some call center who informed me that the this particular mirror was out of stock and it was unknown when it would be back because of “supply issues”. Maybe Ikea realized that they had something too good on their hands? Anyway. He also thought it would be nice to mention to me that “this mirror was really cool because it looked like a portal!” – (DUH, that’s why I want it!) – and that the 1 showing in inventory was probably the one on display. I proceeded to ask him about selling me the display model and he pulled some fricken amazing strings and arranged for it to happen. Why am I always surprised when someone in customer service actually does something right?! I made Jackie abandon all plans for our Sunday afternoon to drive me back to Ikea Covina (which meant skipping the gym, which means she loves me). I went straight to the “Market Place”, where they were waiting for me. I must have had a look in my eye because when I approached an Ikea employee, all he said was “You must be the crazy person who dropped everything and drove over an hour to be here for the mirror?”. When he took it off the wall and placed it in my cart, I had this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. I WON! I got the last of this awesome mirror in Southern California, bitches. As I rolled it through the rest of the store, I saw everyone peering into my cart … “Ooh, that’s a nice mirror, where is that?”, they said with their eyes. They all wanted it, but it was mine. Also, I’m crazy.


No knick knacks yet…Jackie keeps trying to put her sunglasses on the shelf, but I glare at her every time. Something will make its way to this spot. It’s only time…


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