Window Shopping…

Does anyone else feel like July, August, and now September, happened in a blink of an eye?! I suppose it’s true…time flies when you’re having fun. Or busy. One of the two!

I know I’m late to the party (what else is new) but I have to mention something about NY Fashion week. Am I qualified to comment on the latest and greatest fashion trends? Absolutely not. BUT, the buzz and chatter around new Fall collections have taken over my blog feeds and, guess what, I’m in the mood to shop. I’ve lived in LA long enough to know that it will probably continue to feel like summer here through November, but I let myself do some online “browsing” just in case. A little window shopping never hurt anyone! I turned to Need Supply because the prices are just high enough to keep me from actually adding anything in my cart. They had so much good stuff though! Here are a few things I have my eye on in case anyone is feeling generous!

Hard and Soft Fall Picks from Need Supply

Nicola – Moto in Hewson Pants // Getaway Vest // Statz Messenger Bag // Smyth Jacket // Oxley Open Jacket

Berra Panel Sweater //

Steven Alan Marine Top in Ecru // Cascade Sweater // Loop Knit Sweater


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