Morimoto, Napa with the Eatons

After a long series of unfortunate events, I found myself in beautiful Napa Valley with not much to do.

What does one do when one can’t enjoy the wine in Napa? Well, one enjoys the food in Napa!

Food is such a delight. While some people eat for function, I prefer to enjoy every single bite. Meals are a bonding experience, a token of love, and the foundation of some of the best memories! Even though our original plans for that weekend were tossed out the window, this was not a terrible back up plan.

The culinary gods were definitely smiling down on me the night we walked past Morimoto. Before I could even express how Morimoto was my favorite Iron Chef (Food Network nerd alert!), Jackie’s mom was already wandering inside the restaurant snapping photos of the interior decor. Her dad? Well, he immediately made his way towards the bar. Fast forward 3 hours and we were still seated on the stools, enjoying small appetizers and drooling as all the amazing dishes come out of the kitchen. That evening, Jackie’s dad made a reservation for a “proper meal” the next night. The Eatons don’t take the words “proper meal” lightly — let’s just say the dishes you’re about to see are only a sampling of what we tried!

If only I could put my taste buds in a time machine…

Luck was on our side as our server confused our order and brought out a sushi platter instead of the sashimi platter … a certain someone already had her chopsticks on the yellow tail before we even noticed the mistake so the waitress was gracious enough to let us have both! Win! Because I’m on a roll, I’ll continue to brag…we all shared a crazy selection of hot appetizers: grilled hamachi, steamed scallops, sushi and sashimi, rock shrimp tempura, spicy king crab, kakuni and I had to taste Morimoto’s ramen. Ahh!

File this under the category “I died”.


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