Window Shopping: Ikea

ikea_findsMy picks from the top: Stockholm Sideboard ($379) and TV Unit ($299) // Soap Dish ($2) // Stockholm Chair ($139) and Hogsten Armchair ($79) // Stockholm Mirror ($99) // Utility Cart ($25) // Turbo Clothes Rack ($45)

Besides maybe a few minutes at the end of a yoga class or when I’m actually asleep, my mind is somehow always occupied with incoming information. When I anticipate a “free” moment (such as waiting for a document to scan or, I confess, even going to the bathroom), I automatically fill that time with something like a quick flip through the latest Instagrams of the hour. I like to disguise this as efficiency but as I become more sensitive to this new habit, I can’t help but wonder when & if it could become detrimental to my well being. Human brains aren’t meant to be overstimulated like this, right?! Take this morning for example – instead of enjoying breakfast while slowly waking up, I grabbed the latest Ikea catalog and started flipping through. Before 8am, I was already shopping! American consumerism at it’s finest. I have to give Ikea some credit though – even when half awake, my low expectations were quickly surpassed. Ikea’s new Stockholm collection provides budget-friendly mid-century inspired options for the apartment dwellers who don’t have the funds for Room & Board and Modernica. The mirror was the first thing to catch my attention (I have a feeling that these bad boys will sell out!) and I was happily surprised by some of their new chair and storage options. Nicely done, Ikea! Now if only they sold cool, sleek cat trees…


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