26 Things About Being 26.

After turning 25, I posted a list of 25 Surprising Things about being 25. Another year has already zoomed by so I thought it would be fun to do another list, sort of a mini-vignette of what life is like right now. These things may seem silly to me now but I know I’ll appreciate this list one day. So, future me, ever wonder what it was like to be 26 in the year 2013? Well, here’s a quick peek…

1. Seated concerts have started to sound super appealing.

2. My taste in music is as sporatic as ever. Guilty pleasures are Jay-z and singing along to the music from Glee. I’m happy to report, that our neighbor still sometimes requests that we turn our music down.

3. I eat a lot of kale. Home-grown kale.

4. I require one cup of coffee a day to function properly. But just one cup.

5. Maybe one or two grey hairs a year.

6. I’m somewhere in between Urban Outfitters and Anthropolgie and have officially lost patience for Forever 21 and H&M.

7. After 18ish years, my eyes have finally stabilized!

8. Thanks to Invisalign, I brush my teeth at least 3-5 times a day.

9. I’m a bag lady: lunch bag, purse, gym bag, yoga mat bag…

10. Sometimes I think the beach is still too far away.

11. I should read more.

12. I’ve grown to like kombucha! Gingerade, Gingerberry and Grape with Chia Seeds are my jam.

13. Old lady toothpaste. Sensodyne or bust. And yes, I recently bought Efferdent denture cleaner for my Invisalign trays. Aiyah.

14. A bad habit: checking my phone before going to bed and checking it before getting out of bed.

15. A few indulgences: FABES cookies + Quest Peanut Butter Cups

16. I have the appetite of 2 grown men.

17. Podcasts on Rotation: The Moth // Strangers // Dan Savage // This American Life

18. I made it through the 1st season of American Horror Story (and I am at peace with the fact that I just love TV).

19. Cardio is intimidating.

20. I have spent way too much time in the cereal aisle comparing  sugar, fiber and protein content.

21. Tupperware is the bane of my existence.

22. Puppy fever over baby fever.

23. I love rearranging furniture, Craigslist, and reorganizing.

24. Some daily reads via Feedly: Cup of Jo, Design*Sponge, Manhattan Nest

25. I talk to my cats. A lot.

26. Places I could see myself living other than Santa Monica: Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Melbourne, Bangkok

Photo taken on the bluffs on my birthday.


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