What a Week!

Hellen Keller Quote (Illustration by Lisa Congdon) - See How I Run Blog{illustration by the amazing Lisa Congdon as part of her Reconstructionists Project}

Last Wednesday, I woke up with a cat on my face and Jackie yelling at me from the kitchen. She had KCRW on full blast and was hanging on to every word of the morning news report.

“DOMA HAS BEEN OVERRULED…waiting on Prop 8 but they’re going to make their decision today!”

Needless to say, I shot out of bed with a huge smile on my face. It took me a few moments to process that what I was hearing was real.

SCOTUS sure made us wait, but I’m so so so so so happy that we won this one. I spent the rest of the week reading more about Edie Windsor and getting soggy eyed over every photo of same sex couples who rushed to the city hall to make their love official in the eyes of the government.

At its very core, love is such a simple concept. You love who you love and why should anyone else care? …And then life kicks in and shame, guilt and self-consciousness complicate what used to be so clear and easy. As a law abiding individual, I find that it’s easy to forget government. I’ll be the first to admit that I take both the rules and freedoms of democracy for granted because they have been woven into the life I have always known. That said, when the government tells you that you don’t have the same rights as your equals because of your sexuality, it plants a seed of doubt and silently affirms the message that you’re an outsider. Now that the government has changed it’s tune, I’m hoping that this means that love can be simple again for people on the LGBT spectrum.

Smiles all around and an open heart for the future.


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