Listening to: Wild Belle

Wild Belle Logo (by Naomi Con, See How I Run Blog)

I had to search my own blog to see if I’ve posted anything about Wild Belle yet. Turns out I haven’t! Surprising, considering I’ve had their album, Isles, on repeat since Coachella season. Oops!

Well, if you are planning any summer road trips, add these tunes to your playlist STAT! I would recommend a few songs to get you started, but I’m into each and every track. You can’t go wrong.

They recently did a Field Recording for NPR inside an motorcycle shop and not only does singer, Natalie Bergman, define “California Cool” (jealous of that low, smokey voice of hers!), she totally rocks the middle part (as pointed out by Marissa). Coincidentally, while coming home from the gym yesterday, this bad boy was parked in-between my Fit and Jackie’s mini and we both stopped in our tracks with an instant case of the gimmes!

Just as the chorus in this song goes “I never knew a love like this…”, that’s how we felt about this cute little Harley. Hmm…uh oh…..


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