Weekend Vacation: Trekking About

Oh yes, summer! Well, not technically, but it definitely feels like it and that’s good enough for me.

Weekend Vacations are back on in full force. We got a little lazy this winter but now that the weather is warming up, weekends = adventures. Even though I’ve lived in LA for 7ish years (whoa), there are so many nooks and crannies that I haven’t explored. How did I live in Malibu and never venture up to Malibu Creek State Park?! This changes now.

On the topic of hikes: One of the best feelings is waking up early and squeezing in some exercise before noon. Maybe it’s because I grew up in beautiful WA State, I just can’t bring myself to call LA hiking, “hiking”. The dry, dusty paths just don’t elicit the lush, green, bark mulched trails that I associate with the term, hike. Jocelyn, another native Washingtonian, agreed so we dubbed our adventures “treks” instead.

Our little crew warmed up two weekends ago with a quick trek in Los Liones (Topanga Canyon). It was a relatively easy one that we finished by accidentally adding on a looooong detour through some fancy Pacific Palisade neighborhood. Urban trekking! Last weekend, we drove up through Malibu Canyon to find the rock ponds in Malibu Creek State park. I’ve never been one to seek the thrill of cliff jumping but it was so fun to just splash around and get some use out of my waterproof camera. We shall be back!

(uhh seriously, these two are just too good lookin’ to handle)


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