Wanted: Craftlings

Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! has been hosting these awesome craft nights in San Francisco where she invites bloggers, creatives, artists, or anyone who is interested in learning something new to join her in an evening full of crafts! So far she has done one with letter press and another devoted to hand-lettering and calligraphy. I think this idea is so freakin’ cool and I have been looking for something similar in LA but have come up empty handed. What am I missing here? This has to exist right?

oh happy day, calligraphy night

I’m interested in textiles, graphic & web design, photography, typography, interior styling, paper, bronze casting, ceramics…the list goes on. I know that I won’t ever be an expert in all of these things but you can’t criticize a girl for wanting to dabble.

So here’s my proposal, lovely people of the internet: if you live in the LA area, let’s put together a few craft nights! Here are a few ideas that could be fun to try (I’ve been collecting these ideas on Pinterest if you want to see more):

1. Polaroid Coaster Sets from Darkroom & Dearly  // 2. Pennant Pillows (seen on Schoolhouse Electric Supply & Co) // 3. Home made reed diffusers *my absolute favorite way to keep a room smelling delicious! (from Curbly) // 4. Dip Dying anything from Martha Stewart *would be cool to learn how to do it with natural dyes! // 5. Braided beaded necklaces from More Design Please // 6. Modern quilting from Bonjour Celine

Anyone interested in joining me?


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