My favorite, Wiksten Tanks

I hate to admit it, but sewing has taken a back seat ever since we moved to a new apartment. I used to have a designated area that served as a sewing “studio” where I could keep my machine, tools and messes out for days. Now, in a smaller apartment, I have a desk, a box for all my tools, and a trunk for fabric, trinkets, zippers etc. My desk is in our living area (in plain view for everyone to see) and I hate leaving everything out overnight. Mild OCD or something. I think this is why I haven’t been sewing lately…a mix of not wanting to make a mess and the lack of time to complete a project. But, enough excuses! I’m already boring myself writing them out…

The truth is, I missed sewing and I also wanted something new to wear so I got my butt to the local fabric store hoping that a pattern would stand out. I was immediately drawn to this bright and beautiful blue…

Wiksten Tank by Naomi

Wiksten Tanks are my go-to for when I want to make something easy, wearable…and fast. The pattern is fool proof and I’m proud of myself every time I do a clean french seam! Spring/Summer is here so hopefully I’ll be whipping out more of these bad boys. Maybe I’ll try something with sleeves next time but that sounds so daunting!

(Wiksten Pattern That I love So Much)


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