Broccoli Blooms

Ah ha! I’ve never been so excited about broccoli before!

To be honest, I was a little skeptical about the broccoli plants. Our garden plot neighbor had a few extra so we figured, why not try it? It was really happy for a few months with lots of steady growth and humongous leaves. I didn’t even know how or where the crowns were going to form until this weekend, voila!, they were there! We’re going to let them form a little more before we bust out some stir fry with these. But how cool?! This whole process of “urban farming” (can we even call it that??) has been so rewarding. Just yesterday we had some chard from the garden with steak and roasted peppers. While I was kind of nervous about finding a slug in my food, it tasted delicious! To top it off, this whole experiment as totally paid itself off. We’ve had lettuce for weeks and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

Local readers out there — does anyone know of a veggie swap? It would be so fun to trade some of our butter lettuce, arugula and radishes for peas, tomatoes, peppers…


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