Five Things I’m Grateful For

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this…here we go….in no particular order:

1. Friends for Life – You know those people in your life who you’ve known for ages and no matter how much time has passed, you can pick up from where you left off? Tatsuro‘s one of those friends and was in town for a quick trip last weekend. It was so fun to chow down on Thai food at Jitlada with him!

2. Podcasts – I tweaked a muscle in my back this week so I’ve been trying Epsom salt baths. Since it’s really difficult for me to just sit still, I distracted myself with a few episodes of Strangers. These two episodes made me laugh: The Waxing Virgin & The American Mormon-International Mr. Leather

3. Electricity – I can’t ignore Hurricane Sandy and the massive destruction that swept over the East Coast this week. It’s heartwarming to hear stories of communities and neighbors helping each other out and it makes me thank my lucky stars for electricity (!) and a refrigerator that keeps my groceries from spoiling.

4. Red Cups, the paper kind – I walked into work this morning and my co-worker was sipping from a red Starbucks holiday cup…tis the season! I’m already scouting out new Thanksgiving recipes.

5. Athlete’s Shepard’s Pie (with buffalo) – a delicious “Paleo” twist on one of my favorite comfort foods. Instead of potatoes, use sweet potatoes…and use coconut oil instead of butter! Check out the recipe here!

What are you grateful for today?

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Photo Credit: 500px via Pinterest


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