25 things that surprised me about being 25.

  1. I like arugula.
  2. I swallow three large vitamins in the morning.
  3. I don’t like sleeping in on the weekends.
  4. I eat mushrooms.
  5. I don’t mind spending money on things like cat litter.
  6. Half of my closet consists of luon and spandex.
  7. I actually wear out running shoes.
  8. I don’t eat rice or noodles often.
  9. I prefer music over TV. Sometimes.
  10. I’m not too sentimental.
  11. I’m very particular about lotions.
  12. I love a clean car.
  13. I use special shampoo and conditioner imported from Japan.
  14. The words “Mid-Century Modern” are my weakness.
  15. I will always try to DIY even if it’s not the best idea.
  16. I’m very particular about smoothies.
  17. I actually like the idea of spending time in the garden.
  18. Bikram Yoga? Sure!
  19. I always wear my helmet even though it’s nerdy. 
  20. I have purchased 5 pounds of protein powder in the last month.
  21. I choose gold jewelry over silver.
  22. I eat breakfast every day.
  23. I floss every night.
  24. I like wearing my glasses when I get home.
  25. I can have coffee without sugar.

Is this what becoming an adult is all about?

image credit: kelsey hannah


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