DIY – I AM. Zippered Yoga Mat Bag

Goal: sew a yoga  mat bag with zippers so that I can cart around my fancy new Jade yoga mat without getting it covered in dust, dirt and cat hair. The Jade yoga mats are made of a heavy-duty rubber that grips so it isn’t suited for your typical mag bag with the synch on top.

Inspiration: These amazing “I AM.” Yoga mat Bags


Since I am cheap and refuse to spend $80 on a bag for my yoga mat, I decided to figure it out on my own (with some guidance from mom, of course)!


This was the first time I had ever attempted a zippered inside pocket and if you are ever going to tackle this on your own, this tutorial was extremely helpful. It’s not hard at all if you go step by step but the end result is so rewarding!


Sewing 2 linings with zippers inside one large tube was another hard concept to wrap my mind around but once I was putting the whole thing together, it made sense. This tutorial on making a zippered pouch made my life much easier. Honestly, I don’t know what people did before the internet! I’m guessing a lot of ripping seams, sewing stuff backwards, and starting from scratch.


My end result is super functional as I can fit my mat, my mat towel, a hand towel AND an outfit in there…and check out the grommets! Pretty excited about those. I also looooooove the lining fabric that Jackie found in clearance! The blend of cool and warm colors make me happy and I can’t wait to turn it into something else since I have so much leftover!



10 thoughts on “DIY – I AM. Zippered Yoga Mat Bag

  1. I used the fusible interface to "fuse" the inside lining to the vinyl fabric (blue) on the circle-shaped ends of the bag. The interface serve a double-purpose of making the ends stronger and also securing the lining to the outside material. I figured this would be a good idea because a lot of tension will fall on the ends when you are carrying the bag. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Naomi! I found your blog while searching for DIY yoga bags and would love to have the pattern if you wouldn't mind sending it. Most yoga bag patterns I've found have a drawstring top and I would really like some zippered compartments for my keys, phone, etc. This is perfect! My email is Thank you in advance.

    • Sorry! This wasn’t really meant to be a tutorial – I sort of made it up as I went and didn’t record measurements or steps. If I made another, I’ll take the time to write out steps for you!

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