A Little Nostalgia Never Hurt Anyone

The independent coffee shop across the street from my office prides itself in its fancy European espressos. Since it’s the kind of coffee shop that doesn’t offer drip coffee (!) and charges $5 a drink, the snooty atmosphere normally trumps convenience. It wasn’t until last week that I discovered their awesome baguette sandwiches, reminiscent of a typical German lunch when I was studying there years ago. Prosciutto, red pepper, a little lettuce…NOM (also, no wonder I got a little pudgy that year). Normally I pile any and every ingredient in my sandwiches, but the simplicity of these ones really allow you to taste the yumminess of the baguette.

Cue nostalgia. Cue wanderlust. Didn’t I just go on vacation? After studying abroad in Europe for a year, I thought that I may be “done” with that corner of the world for a while, especially since there’s so much more of the globe to explore. Yet something about that baguette changed my mind…I can’t stop thinking about those cobblestone streets. Jordan Ferney’s recent post on the Parisian Vélib bike-rental system didn’t help either. 
Since that first baguette sandwich last week, I’ve had it again two more times (sidenote: there are so many European-style cafes along the Santa Monica promenade. Who knew?)
Get me to Europe! I’d do so well here…
Image credits: Baguette via Pinterest // Vélib via Jordan Ferney | Oh Happy Day // Photo taken by me in Amsterdam

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