Weekend Vacation

Jose & Cordoba
From Japan
From Japan
From Japan
From Japan
We have tomatoes!
Happy Succulent
Embroidery Project
All work, lots of play. I’m lucky that sometimes the two are synonymous! This weekend I spent some time meeting up with Jose Gonzalez to show him some of the new guitars we’re working on and to catch his band’s (Junip) show at the Bootleg Theatre. We also received a fun surprise from Japan – our friend Akiko sent over a care package full of all things amazing. Her box included my favorite Asian shampoo and conditioner refills, special Japanese drinks and snacks from Muji and the cutest little black cat card (some of the snacks didn’t make it into the shot, we were hungry). Akiko, if you’re reading this, thank you so much! We could tell you put a lot of thought and care into sending it over…you’re the best!

More fun surprises of the weekend included tomatoes (!) and snails in our “garden”. I also thought I’d slip in a shot of the embroidery project that I’m working on.

Next weekend couldn’t come faster. 

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