I turned 24 last week and I have to say 24 feels just right. I’m far enough from 21 to make me feel like a real, functioning adult and yet I’m still on the younger half of my twenties. I’m old enough to feel the pressure of big life decisions and I still have time to fix any mistakes I happen to make along the way. 
I used to journal a lot throughout middle school and high school and dream about the person I would be right about now. I fantasized about having my own apartment, a job and doing  everything “my way”. Now that I’ve reached the golden “24”, is it weird to say that it’s just as good as I thought it would be?! 23 will go down in history has a huge year for me. It wasn’t the easiest, but here I am going into 24. Content, happy and excited for the year ahead. 
Starting off my year on the right foot, I spent last weekend with my BFF. Erin flew down from Seattle to celebrate my bday and to get in one last trip before she signs her social life away to med school. We spent the entire weekend doing whatever we wanted. We played card games, slept in, got sparkle nails, went hiking, biked down to the farmer’s market, slurped down oysters and baked a cake. Pure bliss! Ahhhhh 24!! I’m a fan. 

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