Weekend Vacation

Moby in his tree


In addition to shopping around for bikes, reminiscing and dreaming about Paris and sleeping in, I fit in some time to play with Jackie’s old Nikon SLR. It was both fun and frustrating to work with film. A point and shoot is so much easier but when you can’t see your images instantly, it makes every moment and frame seem 100 times more important and special. When you’re fiddling with aperture, shutter-speeds and light meters, subjects that like to sit still are most important. Good thing my cats are lazy. 
None of the photos posted here were from that roll of film (haha) but I’ll share them soon if they turn out! 
PS: how awesome do those artichokes look?! There was an open house at the community garden on Main street and there are some amazing veggies growing there. Beets, chard, carrots, artichokes, brussel sprouts…delicious. Jackie’s on the wait list for a plot. Fingers crossed that she’ll be chosen in a few years? 

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