I Love Asia P.1: Hong Kong

Hello from Hong Kong!

I'm resting my poor feet from a long day of wandering around this gem of a city. Thanks to the suggested itinerary of a HK expert (JT!) jackie and i had a pretty good idea of all the hot spots. With only two days in the city, I think we did fairly well. We managed to fit in many buns, dan tats, dim sum, spicy crab seafood, fish broth noodles, special Bee jerky (YUMS x 100). Mochi creams, boba…oh and of course we hit up the Tian Yin Buddah/monestary, the Tiao O fishing village, the jade market, ladies market, Temple Street night market, many MTR trips and even a ferry ride over to the central district.

I discovered I can speak a LITTLE Chinese when needed. Aka…in food related situations. At dim sum, I was able to order everything and managed to thank the lady in Chinese. I think she got a kick out of me at least trying!

We are staying in the Kowloon area…by far my most favorite district because it is much less pretentious than Central or Causeway Bay. If I wanted to go shopping for Gucci and Armani, I'd go to Beverly Hills! Give me street vendors and stinky fish…that's the HK I want to see! Mong kok was also fun, but once you see one street market, you have kind of seen them all. I bargained up a few deals…enough to make my father proud but I think I'm ready for some good 'ol SE Asian heat.

Headed to Bangkok tomorrow and I'm beyond excited.

*sorry no pics…I've been hiding my iPhone throughout the day! Even though everyone here seems to have the iphone 4 anyway!

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