Weekend Vacation

Beauty Joshua tree

What a whirlwind weekend. My dad had a big birthday celebration in Palm Springs complete with a surprise visit from my brother, a mustang convertible, a comical community theater version of The Producers, boulder climbing in Joshua Tree, a massive lunch at a Jewish deli {Sherman’s}, and QT with family. I’m so thankful that even though we’re not in the same state, it’s still feasible to pull off a weekend trip together. As much as I love my family, when Monday morning rolled around, I definitely felt that I needed a weekend vacation from my weekend vacation.

Only a few hours away from LA, this is perfect weekend camping trip destination. I’d like to do some more intense hikes (I hear there are water falls?) and climbing around. I also think it would be an awesome photoshoot location for the guitar company I work for. Hmm wonder if I could make that happen. Les, if you’re reading this – you have to teach me how to rock climb so that we can do these boulders!! It’ll give me some motivation to get back to push ups again. Yikes.


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