Jumping on the Belle Brigade

Remember when I wrote about an opening band we happened to catch before a Jessie Baylin show a few months ago? Local openers are normally an easy eye roll and I have to admit that we totally underestimated this sibling duo when they stepped up on stage. It only took a few songs to win me over…and then I “binged” them to find….nothing. I couldn’t believe it – a band without a website? You would think that a band can’t expect to go somewhere without a website. Especially if you’re good! Turns out we just happened to catch them before their big launch — now KCRW is all over their shizz. Go Belle Brigade.

If you’re in town and not doing anything on Monday, let’s go down to Spaceland for the last night of their *Free* residency!

Hear their stuff here: http://www.thebellebrigade.com/


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