10 Impossible Things

Inspired by the brilliant Alice and Wonderland movie (Tim Burton), here’s my list of 10 impossible things.

  1. Neko has an English accent
  2. I can blink my eyes and be anywhere in the world
  3. Homemade mac n’ cheese is packed with vitamins
  4. Every time a girl is on her “time of the month”, her hair sprouts beautiful fragrant flowers instead of…what actually happens. *Sorry if that was graphic, I didn’t mean it!
  5. When watching the food network channel, you can pull the dish right out of the screen for a taster!
  6. Each time a song is played, it sounds like hearing the band live
  7. The ocean is always at the most perfect swimming temperature
  8. I have Matilda-esque powers and can move things by just thinking it
  9. Jason Mraz and I are dating (haha)
  10. Sleep is optional

Wow, what a great exercise to get my creative juices flowing…give it a shot! It’s harder than you think. What are some of your 10 impossible things?


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