Wedding Season

The time has come – one of my best friends is getting married! I’ve known Anjuli since elementary school. I remember her moving in a house down the street…back when I had huge glasses, fluffy hair, and awkward bangs. Anjuli ALSO had the fluffly hair, huge glasses and awkward bangs and we’ve been friends ever since! So many memories playing at recess, sharing secrets, crunching on raw ramen and swapping Sanrio stickers! Middle school rolled around and so became the FNB and the many many Friday night sleep-overs. Remember Bloody Mary? Sometimes I secretly look in the bathroom mirror after turning off the lights…and I still freak myself out! Highschool rolled around. IB/AP classes, being a nerdy band tard, rockin’ school government and ruling swim and golf teams…Anj, we’ve been through it all!

I can’t wait to be a part of her next step in life. I wasn’t around to witness her fall in love, but it’s going to be great to witness her seal the deal!  She’s going to be a beautiful bride and I know it’s going to a Wintery day of celebration.

Anjuli is the absolute opposite of a bride-zilla and has let us choose our own bridesmaids dresses. We’re looking for something black, knee-length (or maybe a little higher, for the short ones!)  J.Crew has some great options…but here marks the start of my research!


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