Design Crush

designer Reiko Kaneko
My goodness this is smart, why didn’t I think of it first? The contrast of the wooden lampshade and the glitz of the disco-ball effect makes this lamp a quintessential item in that some-day dream house of mine.

designer dana cannam
Lately, I’ve been fascinated with smart, clean, functional design. This clamp lamp, designed by Dana Cannam, is made “compression fit” – meaning no glue, screws or nails. It has a free-moving LED strip and sets the bar high for industrial design in its most purest form.
Sometimes I wish we did the education system in America like they do in Europe or Australia. After graduating high-school, why not give us a year or two to explore what really makes our heart beat. If I had known that industrial design or interior design was something I could get a degree in, who knows where I might be? Parents, don’t freak out – Pepperdine was 100% an amazing choice and I love my job. More on that later. Just thinking about what could have been…
Both photos found at Design Sponge

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