Guilty Pleasures

2009 was the year Naomi got sucked into SO many TV shows.  Maybe it’s because I’m not in school anymore and I can do my hobbies while enjoying a good nail-biting plot.  Fall 2009 was all about True Blood and Mad Men.  Winter came around and Glee is what I looked forward to every Wednesday evening at 8pm.  My latest obsession is Dexter.  It just finished its 4th season and I’m finally catching up. Dexter creepily reminds me of a good friend…think khakis and you’ll know who I’m talking about.

In addition to guilty pleasures, I have to mention the Twilight New Moon soundtrack.  Didn’t see the movie, haven’t read the book…but the soundtrack is so good! Favorite song is a toss up between a few, but this one is up there (Friends by Band of Horses):


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