Found: The Perfect Skinny Jean

I’ve always been given a hard time about my jeans never fitting right.  I don’t know about you, but I hate that feeling of being “squeezed in” so much that I tend to buy jeans a size too large just to avoid any unforeseen moments of…let’s say, swellage.
That said, the whole idea of skinny jeans is scary for a girl like me.  However, the dread of finding the perfect skinny has been trumped by my love of fall boots.  We all know the two go hand in hand.
I successfully found two pairs that worked.  The J.Crew Matchstick denim fit great for girls with short legs and bigger calves.  Downside – they’re $98.  Good for you if you have that much to put down on a good pair of jeans…I had to keep looking.
Many trial and errors later, I found the the winner: Levis Leggings! The classic Levis wins again.  The price is right.  They have a higher cut (passes the butt crack test) and they fit tighter to the knees so they don’t bunch when you sit and then stand up again (crucial.)  A couple days of wear and tear and my legging/jeans are still up to par.  Ladies look no further…

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