One Day…

…I will have high ceilings from which to hang many lanterns and lights.

{photo from Design is Mine}

…I will have a blossoming garden of roses, gardenias, jasmine and everything else that smells lovely.

{photo from A Field Journal}

…I will land that dream job!

{photo from A Cup Of Jo}

Two days after graduation and I’m officially on the hunt. I think I probably send out an average of 5 resume/cover letter combos a week to Craigslist and postings and so far…nilch. What am I doing wrong?

Seeking: a creative company that is looking for a bright, young, educated, friendly, tech-savvy, dedicated, and passionate employee!

That shouldn’t be too hard right? Companies of the world…I’m up for grabs! Help me help you (oh how I loathe that phrase).


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