This Weekend I made…

…Applesauce (so yummy, why haven’t I made this sooner?!)
and panties.

In this economy, it’s all about recycling and making something new and beautiful (or delicious) out of stuff we already have, right? Well, we’ve had apples sitting around in our kitchen for a good couple weeks now. Knowing that they probably are not going to be eaten, I decided to try a new recipe for applesauce. Two words: do it. *Sidenote, I read that in the end of 2008, reached a new record for most page visits. I guess I’m not the only one who is trying to be resourceful!*

Unfortunately, the recession has also spurred amazing sales at some of my favorite places to shop. With sales this good, it’s hard to pass up a good bargain (my ultimate weakness, thanks dad)! Jackie and I found ourselves at American Apparel this weekend and she expressed an interest in their funky little headbands. Priced way too much for what they are (obviously) I took it upon myself to save her some money and use a couple of old t-shirts to make them myself.

My last success story of the weekend…
Instead of throwing out an old tank top from middle school (I don’t know why it took me so long to get rid of it), I decided to rip off the stretch-lace material and re-form it into a new pair of PANTIES! They fit beautifully but since the stretch lace and material was recycled, it’s not the most beautiful pair I’ve ever seen. I have a good feeling this is the beginning of something beautiful. Keep an eye out for a new lingerie line made by yours truly. So many ideas!

Dear Second Semester of my Senior Year in College,

Thank you giving me a break this weekend to allow my creativity to flow once more. Please come back again soon.



One thought on “This Weekend I made…

  1. I think you must have Popo’s creative sewing genes – she’s great at recycling!! The house in Chinatown in undergoing major renovation due to the frozen water pipes over the past few winters. You must come and see all the changes to the bathrooms – on all three floors! Unfortunately, it’s been a terrible mess these few weeks and Popo is staying there to make sure everything is going well. See you soon, Love, Gooma

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